What country do you currently live in?

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Do you use a car to get around?

If you use rideshare, drive a hybrid, or rent a car for long trips, check Yes.

How many kilometers do you drive each week?

This includes rideshare like Uber or Lyft. Count carpooling as half the distance, since its more efficient.

How many short flights do you take each year?

Count any flights less than 3 hours.

How many long flights do you take per year?

Count any flights longer than 3 hours.

What is your diet like?:

Even the food you eat has a carbon footprint, but plants have smaller ones.

How often do you eat red meat?

Lamb and beef both count. Think hamburgers, steaks, tacos, or even jerky.

How often do you have chicken, pork, seafood, or eggs?

These foods usually have similar carbon footprints.

How often do you have milk, cheese, or other dairy products?

Count each glass of milk, scoop of ice cream, bowl of yogurt, or hunk of cheese.

How much do you travel by bus each week?

Buses are pretty efficient, so it's no big deal if your estimate is a little off.

How much do you travel by transit rail each week?

Transit rail is pretty efficient, so it's not big deal if your estimate is a little off.

How much do you travel by inter city rail each year?

For long distance travel, trains are the most efficient option.