I want to restore a forest (3 trees)

I want to restore a forest (3 trees)


You up for a real challenge?

Every ticket you get means 3 trees to restore a forest.

If you want to take serious responsibility, give us a hand, get a ticket and support forest reforestation.



Unpopular opinion: it really is possible to combine progress and environmental conscience. In a little town located on Western Sierra Madre lives a family convinced of this, and they’r beginning to take responsibility on the ecosystem without quitting on their economic activities for a living.

By signing on this we’ll plant 3 trees in Tabacotes, and help them restore the forest and give a little help on Sierra Tarahumara path to recovery.

1740 kg of Co2

2030 Offset Objective

3 Trees per ticket

Planting Objective

3 Different Species

Biodiversity Objective


Global objectives for sustainable development?

Climate action!

2030 Global Objective.

Sustainable communities

2030 Global Objective

Life on land

2030 Global Objective


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