Valentrees day: Friends

Valentrees day: Friends


Valentine’s Day is not all about romantic dinners and expensive gifts for lovers, it’s also a day to celebrate true friends.

The kind of friends that will sing crazy songs with us, give us a helping hand and always are there for us. This is the perfect way to tell them “thanks”, we introduce the Valentine’s Day for friends gift.


This gift is designed to bond you and someone special with strong roots that will last for decades,

just like trees!

In nature different species of plants and animals share the same home. But they don’t just coexist, they set deep, valuable and rewarding relationships, just like we do.

Most of Valentine’s Day gifts end up forgotten in a box, in the trash and sadly in the stomach of many animals. Plastic wrappings and boxes can last up to 400 years to disappear, can you imagine how much we harm the planet on this date?

This year show how much you appreciate your beloved ones by giving something you can’t find in stores: a true and everlasting proof of love, appreciation and friendship.

Get a couple of trees for you and that special someone, “carve” on it your feelings and watch them grow on the dashboard.

It’s not just a tree, is the opportunity to help them with their climate responsibility, compensation of CO2 and part in the fight against climate change.

The 1,2,3…to buy the perfect tree.

What’s behind the solution

This gift contains a set of two plants: Sotol & Candelilla, and these two are perfect for you and your partner in crime.

In the desert, these fellas help each other to make it through the hard weather conditions. They don’t compete, they work together as Batman and Robin to live in harmony. Just like you and your closest friends do.

This is a gift for those friends that always have each other back, even in the toughest conditions. Just get it and send it to your bestie, to your bro and let nature know how deep is your friendship.

Concrete objectives

Sustainable Development Goals (SDG’s)

This concrete action contributes to the achievement of 3 Objectives to guarantee a sustainable future.


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