I want to rescue bees

I want to rescue bees

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Bees matter, period.

Their population has been dramatically reduced because of reduction of food, water, natural disasters, fires and humans.

Let’s make things right, and rescue one of the most important species for our planet.



Did you know that bees are one of the most important species in the world?

These flying fellas are responsible for the pollination, a vital process for all life in Earth.

We humans don’t really get along with them, and threaten their life in the city.

Help us to rescue and relocate them in natural ecosystems.

This is not just about the bees, is about all living beings, let’s get our hands on it.


1000 flowers in one single trip

1 single bee

250 million flowers per day

Colony with 25,000 forager bees

Biggest worldwide co2 collector machine


Global objectives for sustainable development?

Climate action!

2030 Global Objective.

Sustainable communities

2030 Global Objective

Life on land

2030 Global Objective


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