I want to plant in a water forest (1 tree)

I want to plant in a water forest (1 tree)


What in the heck is a water forest? Is it underwater?

Water forests serve to 2 purposes:
1. Get more water into the soil
2. Absorbe CO2 by trees
You can make a real change in just a click. Think about it!



Can you imagine not having water to take showers, drink and wash clothes? The droughts are a problem that many people suffer.

Reforestation is a great solution to this problem.

What? Planting trees? How can we help droughts? Mr 2°much!

Planting trees helps to have a healty soil. It means water will come easier to the aquifers, which represent 20% of fresh water in worldwide.

And I am not done yet! Also, these trees love to have breakfast of C02, which are greenhouse gases that cause climate change.

Do you understand now? Water forests

580 Kg of Co2

2030 Offset Object.

1 Tree

Planting Object

7 Different Species

Biodiversity Object

Global objectives for sustainable development?

Climate action!

2030 Global Objective.

Sustainable communities

2030 Global Objective

Life on land

2030 Global Objective


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